Exploring: “The State of Now”

Since announcing the 140 Characters Conference, while working on the event, I have been thinking about the moment in time we are experiencing, in what feels like the early days of something new and different.

Living and experiencing information in The Now is just different when compared to the way we are used to experiencing things. Since the launch of the commercial internet in 1993 we may have been on-line in real-time, but we experienced access to information that was slightly old to ancient. Today access to information has changed so much in the past year that today we are now living in “The State of Now.”

And while the event is called the 140 Characters Conference and is bringing together a worldwide twitter community together, the phenomena of The State of Now is much bigger than twitter. I believe when we think about what businesses have been effected by the disruption caused with the ability for just about anyone to be able to experience information in real-time isn’t something that is going away anytime soon, regardless of what eventually may happen to who ends up owning the twitter platform. We are not about to go back in time, but only forward and I look forward to having a chance to better understand the way things are and the way they may become because of the change agent known as twitter.

Some thoughts about #140conf and exploring the “State of Now” from the mind of Jeff Keni Pulver:

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